With our company-wide whistleblowing system, we offer all employees and external persons a tool to ensure compliant behavior in the company and uncover violations. If you identify any irregularities, please do not hesitate to report them. For this purpose, our designated external persons of trust are available to you under the following contact options:
E-Mail: compliance@helora.de
Postal at:
HELORA Oberflächentechnik GmbH
z.Hd. Frau Kirsten Bareiß / Herr Torsten Schmid
In der Breite 3
D-73571 Göggingen
If you would like to send us a report anonymously, please use only the postal service, as reports by e-mail cannot be sent anonymously for technical reasons.
Protection for all stakeholders
Our whistleblower system guarantees the greatest possible protection, both for you as a whistleblower and for the persons affected. An investigation is only initiated after careful examination of the facts and if there are concrete indications of a violation of the rules. All information will be handled in a fair and confidential process. Discrimination, intimidation or hostility received because of a report will be investigated and punished in the same manner.
Procedure and required information
After receiving the information, our external confidential advisors process it in compliance with all necessary procedural principles (confidentiality, protection of the whistleblower). In order to be able to process reports and, if necessary, initiate appropriate investigative measures, it is often necessary to engage in dialog with the whistleblower. It is therefore important that the information is formulated as concretely as possible. It is helpful if you consider the five W-questions in your report:
– Who? – Who is concerned? Who is affected?
– What? – What has happened? Description of the facts.
– When? – When was the incident?
– How? – How often did it happen?
– Where? – Where did the incident occur?
Persons providing information should make sure that the descriptions can also be understood by persons outside their field of expertise. For this purpose, it is helpful if you are available for further questions. However, if you wish to remain anonymous to our trusted third parties, you can contact us anonymously by mail at the address given above.
Storage duration
We store information for as long as it is necessary for follow-up or we are required to store it by law. Subsequently, information will be deleted or anonymized no later than two months after the end of the investigation, i.e. the reference to your identity as a whistleblower will be permanently and irreversibly removed.

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