Our validity and position in the field of medical surface coatings is decisively determined by the quality of our activities, processes and products. By formulating and consistently applying quality assurance requirements in all phases of our operations, potential errors are reduced to a minimum from the outset.

The awareness and identification of all employees with the overall process, which is geared towards the highest quality, as well as the responsibility for our sensitive products, require a commitment that goes beyond their own area of responsibility. We promote our employees’ understanding of this and motivate them to act independently and take on product responsibility. Every employee is a link in the chain of our company and contributes significantly to the achievement of our basic objectives:

Highest product quality an technical market leadership

Corporate guidelines Implementation


  • consistent process control and monitoring including constant validating tests
  • ongoing process optimization

Innovation and technology

  • constant improvement / further development of our manufacturing processes and products
  • intensive research and development (sample processing, projects)

Customer satisfaction

  • implementation of all customer requests / requirements (technically feasible as far as possible)
  • sound technical and technical advice
  • intensive cooperation in project and development issues
  • building partnership relationships with our customers
  • continuous market observation and related implementation in customer-oriented processes
  • internal flexibility to minimize project throughput times and thus meet delivery dates

Compliance with laws and guidelines

  • implementation of the minimum requirements from the legal and applicable regulations that affect us
  • creation and maintenance of "healthy" jobs (occupational safety, health and environmental protection)

Training and motivation

  • regular information of our employees about quality, product liability, occupational safety and environmental aspects
  • motivation for appropriate behavior (thinking along, adhering to defined guidelines, internal suggestion system)
  • constant promotion of quality, product and environmental awareness